Shades of the Seattle sound” - Karen Ponzio

New Haven Independent

No Love Songs

Grunge-inspired trio from Brooklyn

Bandleader Ryan Bazinet started playing guitar at 13, and a year later Kurt Cobain killed himself. That left a mark.

In despair over the state of rock music, Ryan quit music for almost 2 decades. No Love Songs is his attempt to reconnect and contribute to the growing grunge revival exemplified by bands like Noiseheads, Senium, and Tongues of Fire. His first effort, the bedroom demo "Return of the Grunge," drew on influences like Nirvana, Alice In Chains, and Soundgarden. Self-titled album No Love Songs followed and expanded the palette, with production by Nicholas Starrantino.

The latest EP, More Martian Now Than Man offers a lighter take on grunge, with production by Martin Bisi (whose credits include Sonic Youth and Swans); sci-fi themes of aliens and androids; and features a cover of a Mad Season song.

A previously rotating cadre of musicians has solidified into Bazinet on guitar and vocals with a Cuban-American rhythm section consisting of Gustavo Marron on drums and Ernesto "Lüi" Rodriguez on bass. With the new lineup, No Love Songs is now honing a heavier sound in the rock clubs of New York City.

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